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LEP Consultants AG is a professional consultancy firm specialized in spatial and environmental planning tasks at different levels in an international context. We provide services and products in the field of urban development and sustainable management of resources to fast growing towns and changing regions. Our comprehensive and networked planning approach allows us to offer sustainable and customized solutions.

Urban Planning News


LEP WEB Mod Prj ShaxiHighway

Jinhua-Shaxi Highway and Hehui River Project, May 2016

Under the planning and restoration support of LEP, once a quiet and economically lagging village, Sideng is now starting to become one of the famous tourist spot at international level. The pristine Shaxi valley is highly ecologically sensitive and demands a sophisticated and cautious planning of its development in terms of type and scale.... +


LEP WEB Mod Prj NanchangAirport

Nanchang Airport Economic Zone Project, January 2016

Nanchang Airport Economic Zone located in the north suburbs of Nanchang, the capital of Jianxi province is an initiative towards building national comprehensive transportation hub in the middle of China and the significant international communication portal in the middle of Yangtze river. The new airport economic zone is seen as a small city in itself,.... +


LEP WEB Mod Prj Guiyang FreeTradeZone

Guiyang Free Trade Zone Project, April 2015

The first Free Trade Zone in Guizhou Province located in the northeast of Guiyang and covering a substantial area of 3.01 km2 includes building a core area which is the net surrounding area under the Customs supervision, 3 parks and five centers.... +