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Development Study “Gravel Culture”, Luther Valley (Switzerland), 2015

LEP WEB Prj Luthertal 2015 


Swiss Luther Valley is a poorly connected side valley in the Northern foothills of the Alps. It’s value lays in the great quantities of gravel as well as in the existing pilgrim site “Maria Heilbronn” in Luthern Bad at the Southern end of the valley. There are several big gravel pit zones in the Northern entrance of the valley.

The client is not only a big player in the gravel business but also represented by one of the biggest pastoralists of the State of Lucerne. He is owning several bigger plots in the valley and the region as well as two big cowsheds. He also recently bought a guesthouse, which he wants to use and further develop as center point for sustainable tourism activities in the valley.


Development of comprehensive strategies to develop the site, including the gravel pit sites as well as further private plots and businesses.


Marti Management und Kies AG, Ufhusen, Kanton Luzern, Switzerland

Project Area:

5 km2 Project perimeter, 100 km2 extended perimeter


Preliminary concept studies with:

  • Analyses of the transformation potential
  • Demarcation of the conceptual system
  • Coordination with regional and local projects
  • Assessment of spatial planning conditions
  • Development and assessment of development scenarios
  • Selection of guiding scenario and vision development
  • Strategies and implementation measures
  • Draft design of project sheets
  • Stakeholder involvement approach


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