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LEP Web No Logo  Activating Talent in Sustainability (ACTIS), Spin-off ETH Zürich, Zürich / Switzerland
 Kt AG Canton of Aargau, Division of Spatial Development (ARE), Aarau / Switzerland

 Kt BE
Canton of Bern, Department of Economic Affairs
 Kt NW Canton of Nidwalden, Agricultural Bureau (ALW), Stans / Switzerland
 LEP Web No Logo Chongqing Europa Tourism & Culture Development Co., Ltd., CCOLB, Chongqing / China
St SH City of Schaffhausen, Construction Department, Schaffhausen / Switzerland
 ETHZ ETH Zürich, Center for Development and Cooperation NADEL
 LEP Web No Logo Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Kunming / China
 FFGS Foundation for Global Sustainability (FFGS), Zürich / Switzerland

Generis AG, Schaffhausen / Switzerland
 LEP Web No Logo Jianchuan County Government, Jinhua / China
 LEP Web No Logo Jinning County Government, Yunnan Province, Jinning / China
LEP Web No Logo  Kunming Xiliangtang Wetland Park Management Co., Ltd., Kunming, China
Maxmakers Maxmakers AG, Zurich, Switzerland
P Nanping  Nanping Prefecture Urban Planning Administrations
 LEP Web No Logo Ordos Gold Time Oriental Realty Development Co., Ltd., Ordos / China
 LEP Web No Logo Qujing Municipal People's Government, Yunnan / China
LEP Web No Logo  Regional Conference Jura East, Laufenburg / Switzerland
RNL  Regional Conference Northern Lägern, Eglisau / Switzerland
 LEP Web No Logo Shangri-la Beer China
 LEP Web No Logo SVC Development AG, Kriens / Switzerland

Swiss Agency for Develpment and Cooperation (SDC), Berne / Switzerland
EPFL Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, EPFL, Switzerland
 ONU Habitat UN-Habitat – Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribean (ROLAC), Rio de Janeiro / Brazil
 FHNW DE University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
 UNI SG University of St. Gallen (HSG), Institut for Systemic Management and Public Governance (IMP-HSG), St. Gallen / Switzerland
 LEP Web No Logo  Yunnan Junfa Real Estate Co. Ltd., Kunming / China
 LEP Web No Logo Yunnan Provincial Government, Construction Department, Kunming / China