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Strategic Spatial Planning

We provide strategic policy advice and research to the government agencies, regional departments and the local authorities relating to town planning, land use and construction, housing, economic development, infrastructure provision, transportation system and sustainability.

We develop sectoral plans and strategies including proposals for the arrangement and coordination of the spatially relevant basic functions of existence. The long and short term objectives both are addressed in accordance with the economic, social, ecological, cultural and historic development.

The proposed strategies embrace action plans and guidelines, examples of putting them into practice with planning instruments in the right steps (e.g. guide plans) shown in maps (by using commercially available GIS software), suggestions with regard to the courses of action and responsibilities in the decision and implementation processes.

The research approach and methodology draws upon:

  1. Application of scientific tools and techniques
  2. Achieving a long term sustainability in outlined economic goals
  3. Identification of the key/focus areas for successful incorporation into development strategy and policy formulations
  4. Investment safe development phasing
  5. Land use control for a long term resource management
  6. Institutional system improvement

Local / community (sub-districts / complete town)
Sub-regional (town and surrounding areas)
Regional levels (National / Province / Prefecture /..)