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LEP NEWS 170405 NewWeb

LEP with new responsive Website

April 2017, WWW - LEP is proud about the release of its new website. After a long development phase it was finally ready this month. The existing corporate identity was kept and further developed. The layout and structure was improved, as well as more focus was given to our project work.

As a responsive website, it has been optimized for mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.


LEP NEWS 170322 India Croped

LEP met Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA)

March 2017, Vijayawada - Diego Salmeron (CEO) met members of APCRDA in Vijayawada on March 21, 2017, to experience and discuss the urban planning works for the new capital city Amaravati in Andhra Pradesh. Amaravati is planned to become the new political, economic and cultural centre of Andhra Pradesh State, being developed with world class infrastructure and a modern urban ecosystem.


LEP NEWS 170221 Kunming Croped

Visit of Swiss Consul General at LEP Kunming

February 2017, Kunming - Mr. Franz Eggmann, recently appointed Swiss consul general in Chengdu (Sichuan Province), met LEP General Manager, Mr. Wang Lian, for a courtesy visit in Kunming on February 20, 2017.  Mr. Wang Lian reported about the project activities of LEP in China, especially also with regard to the Sino Swiss Low Carbon Cities (SSLCC) project, funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).


LEP NEWS 170121 Indian Delg1

LEP meets government delegation from Andhra Pradesh (India)

January 2017, Zurich - LEP meets Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh (India), Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu and his official government delegation in Zurich to talk about their plan to start Indo-Swiss Smart Cities Cooperation.


LEP NEWS 161215 YonglePrj

LEP and GUPDI kick-off Yongle environmental planning project

December 2016, Guiyang - Guizhou Urban and Rural Planning & Design Institute (GUPDI) and LEP team met in Guiyang on December 5-9 to kick-off their cooperation project “Urban and rural development and ecological protection plan in Guiyang Nanming-Yongle District”. This research project is also supported and partially funded by the provincial government of Guizhou.


LEP NEWS 161115 SwisswaterNanchang1

LEP and Swisswater sign a new contract with Nanchang-Xihu District

November 2016, Nanchang - LEP and Swisswater GmbH sign a first framework agreement and project advisory contract with Xihu District People’s Government in Nanchang City (Jiangxi Province, China). The project focuses on different urban landscape, infrastructure and water environment protection tasks. Key focus is given to the overall sanitation and rehabilitation of Xihu lake and its surrounding area in the heart of the old town of Xihu District.


LEP NEWS 160815 Boezberg

LEP supports Jurapark Aargau for energy and resource efficiency campaign

August 2016, Bözberg - LEP and nachhaltig wirkt company support the management board of Jurapark Aargau in implementing their energy and natural resources’ related goals. Main task consists in drafting first ideas how to carry out an energy and resource efficiency campaign. Jurapark Aargau is a Swiss regional park supported by the Federal Office of Environment.



LEP Consultants AG at the Eco Global Forum 2016 in Guiyang

Juli 2016, Guiyang - LEP joins for the second time the international Eco Global Forum 2016 in Guiyang from July 8-10, together with a large Swiss delegation of government officials and company representatives. LEP signs two MoUs with government representatives of Anshun Prefecture ad Nanmin County. Both MoUs lay down the framework for project based cooperation in the fields of spatially related tourism development and ecological rural planning.


LEP NEWS 160609 Emb Nanping

LEP visited with official Swiss delegation Nanping

June 2016, Nanping - An official delegation of the Swiss Embassy in Beijing under the lead of Mr. David Braun (Head Economic Section) visits Nanping Prefecture (Fujian Province) on June 7/8. LEP joins the official visit and is represented by Diego Salmeron (CEO) and Wang Lian (GM, LEP Kunming). Among many other sites the delegation visits also the project site of Xingtian where LEP is supporting the local planning authorities together with Nanping Urban and Rural Planning & Design Institute.

LEP NEWS 160526 Nanping

Official visit from China at Technopark in Zurich

May 2016, Zürich - On May 25, an official delegation from Nanping Prefecture (Fujian Province) under the lead of Vice Mayor Liu Shanying paid a visit at LEP headquarter in Technopark Zurich. LEP is already engaged since 2012 in Nanping Prefecture and consults the planning authorities in Wuyi New Area.

LEP NEWS 160516 Guizhou

Official delegation from Guizhou (China) in Zurich

May 2016, Zürich - An official delegation from Guizhou Province under the lead of Vize Gouverneur Mu Degui visited Zurich on May 15. LEP joined a meeting hosted by the Swiss Chinese Association, which signed an MoU on friendly cooperation with the Province of Guizhou.


LEP NEWS 160426 CQ

LEP joined official delegation of the state of Zurich to China

April 2016, Peking - LEP joins an official delegation of the State of Zurich under the lead of State Minister Carmen Walker-Späh to Beijing and Chongqing. Zurich and Chongqing have signed an economic cooperation agreement in 2012, among others also in the area of urban development.


Zurich Mayor Mauch visited LEP subsidiary in Kunming

April 2016, Kunming - LEP joins an official delegation of the City of Zurich under the lead of mayor Corinne Mauch to Kunming. On April 20, Mayor Mauch holds a technical meeting with Kunming Urban Planning Authority and visits right after the new offices of recently founded subsidiary “Kunming LEP Consultants Co., Ltd..

LEP NEWS 160420 Shaxi TV

Swiss TV (RTS) reported on LEP activities in the Shaxi Rehabilitation Project

April 2016, Shaxi - Swiss TV (RTS) broadcasted a short documentary about the involvement of LEP in the Shaxi Rehabilitation Project. The documentary was produced during a mission of Diego Salmeron in Shaxi on April 14-16, 2016. View the film on:

LEP NEWS 160210 LEP KMGLEP set up its first subsidiary in Kunming, China

Feburary 2016, Kunming - LEP Consultants AG set up its first subsidiary in Kunming, capital city of Yunnan Province in Southwestern China.

LEP NEWS 160112Airp Econ Zone 2016LEP and Swisswater signed a first project contract with "Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone"

January 2016, Nanchang - LEP Consultants AG and Swisswater GmbH signed a first project contract with Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone Administration. LEP and Swisswater teams will provide consultancy services in the areas of environmental and infrastructure planning & design for key areas in the Airport Economic Zone.

LEP NEWS 151031 Shaxi WMFLEP Consultants AG accompanied a delegation from WMF in Shaxi, China

October 2015, Shaxi - On October 30, 2015, a delegation from World Monument Fund (WMF) under the lead of CEO Joshua David visited Shaxi Valley and Sideng Town to get an impression how the WMF funded Shaxi Rehabilitation Project (SRP) has developed so far. Jianchuan County and Shaxi Town Govt. representatives, as well as Mr. Huang Yinwu (SRP project manager) and Diego Salmeron (LEP) received the delegation and guided them through the several spots.

LEP NEWS 151012 UfhusenLEP Consultants AG and Marti AG signed a contract for the development concept KIK

October 2015, Ufhusen - LEP Consultants AG and Marti AG Kiesaggregate sign a service contract for the drafting of the development concept KIK. The project deals with superimposed usages of local gravel pits and surrounding areas for future leisure and tourism activities.

LEP NEWS 150820 NanpingMeeting with Mayor of Nanping acknowledged further collaboration

August 2015, Nanping - Diego Salmeron, CEO of LEP Consultants AG, meets Mr. Lin Baojin, Mayor of Nanping Prefecture in Fujian Province, to discuss further cooperation on spatial and environmental planning in the Wuyi New Area. The further cooperation shall also strengthen the economic ties between Switzerland and Nanping Prefecture in the areas of Tourism, Health Care and Medtech.

Official press releases:

Nanping Government Press Release:

Nanping TV:

LEP NEWS 150630 MoU GUPDILEP Consultants AG singed first MoU with Guizhou Province

Juni 2015, Guizhou - LEP Consultants AG and Urban-Rural Planning and Design Institute of Guizhou Province sign a first Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Sino-Swiss Planning Cooperation. The overall goal is to help improve urban planning quality in several regions and cities in Guizhou Province and to strengthen the economic ties between China and Switzerland in this sector.