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Bonn - Deutsche Telekom AG and Mira GmbH have jointly launched a pilot project for teleoperated driving in Bonn. The shuttle service uses Telekom’s 5G network. It is being tested between various Telekom locations in the German city.

The telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom AG and the mobility expert MIRA GmbH have jointly launched a pilot project for teleoperated driving. The project partners are testing the remotely controlled shuttle service between various Telekom locations in Bonn. According to a statement, Telekom's 5G network ensures the transmission of large volumes of data in real time from the vehicle to the remote-control station. 

Teleoperation will play an important role in improving the efficiency and sustainability of transport, said Klaus Kappen, CEO of MIRA GmbH, in the statement. Among others, it can increase vehicle use within shuttle fleets and avoid long waiting times. “By working with Deutsche Telekom AG, we can develop innovative solutions for the mobility of the future and test them on public roads today,” he said. 

According to the statement, the pilot project provides Telekom with in-depth insights into the requirements for these new technologies and for the 5G network infrastructure, which are “enormously important” for the development of driverless mobility. 

Of the project, Mayor of Bonn Katja Dörner said the city was delighted to be one of Germany’s first cities to enable tests for remote-controlled vehicles. She said in the statement: “Passengers will save time. Shuttle operations will become more efficient. Teleoperation can become a building block of our Bonn mobility turnaround in the future.” ce/em