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European Town Project, Nanchang, 2014

European town Nanchang 2014


The urban development entitled “European/Swiss Town” was conceived to become a new entertainment, commercial and residents district in Nanchang. LEP together with Swisswater GmbH supported the local teams in planning and designing of the area and handling of technical issues.


High level urban planning and design assessment of the existing conceptual master plan, architectural design and infrastructure plans of utility supply and disposal for the entire project area.


Nanchang Greenland Real Estate Co. Ltd., Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China

Project Area:

apprx. 43.37 Ha


  • Assessment of conceptual master plan and architectural design plans:
    • Master Plan
      • Urban layout plan
      • Landscape plan
      • Transportation plan
      • Public utilities plan (water supply & management, urban drainage & sewerage system, waste management and renewable energy)
      • Public facilities plan
    • Residence block and spatial relationship
    • Office and commercial buildings block & spatial relationship
    • Residence façade
    • Office and commercial buildings façade
  • Conceptual support and consultancy for detailed planning and construction design
    • Urban and landscape architecture design plans
    • Architectural design plans
    • Transportation design plans
    • Public utilities plan
      • Water supply and management
      • Urban drainage and sewerage system
      • Waste management
      • Renewable energy


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