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EXPO 2027 Ostschweiz



LEP Consultants participated in 2014, together with 4D Emotions, on the international competition of the Expo2027 Bodensee-Ostschweiz. The next Swiss national exhibition is intended to take place in 2027 in eastern Switzerland. The cantons Appenzell Ausserrhoden, St. Gallen and Thurgau are preparing the documentation required to submit a successful application to the federal authorities to host the exhibition. A concept is required, which allocates the exhibition in a decentralized way and uses the Bodensee and the Säntis as main platforms. The dealing with the borders and the connections over it is a special challenge.


The questions to be answered are:

  • Which are the atmospheric qualities?
  • Which will be the contents?
  • Which are the locations?
  • Which are the main logistic-elements?
  • Which re the after use potentials?


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