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Jinhua-Shaxi Highway and Hehui River Project, May 2016

Jinhua Shaxi highway 2016


Under the planning and restoration support of LEP, once a quiet and economically lagging village, Sideng is now starting to become one of the famous tourist spot at international level. The pristine Shaxi valley is highly ecologically sensitive and demands a sophisticated and cautious planning of its development in terms of type and scale. One among the large series of projects undertaken by LEP in the region, the project is addressing two separate and crucial subjects; 1) the new planned bypass highway from Jinhua to Shaxi; and 2) the central river Hehui flowing across the valley.


  • Derivation of highest feasible and potential alternatives for the highway alignment and advising on the most optimal alignment
  • Flood Protection Plan for the Hehui river


Jianchuan County Government, Yunnan Province, China

Project Area:

Highway stretch is about 14 km long and the river project area is around 7 km2.


Hehui river flood protection plan:

  • Assessment of ongoing river flood protection project
  • Introduce best practices and examples from Switzerland
  • Ecological landscape design of the Hehui river
  • Measures and designs for the ecological transformation of adopted river sections
  • Draft an illustrative landscape master plan

Jinhua-Shaxi highway project:

  • Assessment of ongoing highway project
  • Introduce best practices and examples from Switzerland
  • Propose alternatives for highway corridor and exits based on the digital terrain model assessment and existing landuse
  • Draft illustrative highway plan with highlighted key sections


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