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Kunming Dianchi International City Wetland Park „Swiss Village Center“

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The project is about developing “Swiss Village Center” on an area of about 33 Hectares which must be founded upon a sophisticated business model. The project site is embedded into a wetland setting in Kunming, the central city of Yunnan province in southwestern part of China.

The project is unique in several respects e.g.

  • It creates Swiss impressions (built and natural environment) and fully leverages the positive image of Switzerland.
  • It is conceived as an artifact of the Kunming-Zurich city partnership.
  • It is a pilot project in the region towards developing an international-level “Leisure and recreation Destination” that demonstrates a sustainable development with built-in cleantech and nature based offerings on one hand and innovative recreation and edutainment means on the other.
  • It represents a multi-function comprehensive development model with closely integrated aspects of engineering, business planning, urban planning, architecture, landscape planning and partnering.

LEP has been contracted by Junfa Real Estate Company, Kunming (a leading private real estate company in the region) for elaboration of the preliminary and detailed schematic design of the site including comprehensive and multidisciplinary tasks as following:

  • Engineering plans and designs including land zoning, water management, infrastructure development, elevation and topography models
  • Urban design plans incl. visualizations
  • Architectural design plans at building level with visualizations
  • Landscape design plans for a broad spectrum of  elements with visualizations
  • Vegetation plans with visualizations
  • Business plans incl. 15 year financial models and marketing strategies
  • Assistance in building partnerships with Swiss Companies
  • High level project management

The project has been publicized at various events in Switzerland and China and is being evaluated by the Planning Commission of Kunming Municipal Government. It is planned to implemented in the next year 2013.

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