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Master Plan Jincheng Southern City

LEP WEB Prj Masterplan Jincheng 


Administrative center of Jinning County “Jincheng”, within close proximity to Kunming city, is an old historic town which was once the capital of the ancient Yunnan Kingdom. It is today a small city housing fewer than 50000 people. Though the region is blessed with immense natural resources and tourism opportunities, the city has seen almost no growth in the last decade and has constantly lagged behind its neighboring cities in terms of development.

Embarking upon the available opportunities, Jincheng has been considered recently for an ambitious (almost tenfold) growth within next 10 years under a spatio-economic reorientation and positioning of in the regional frame. The project “Master Plan Jincheng Southern City” aims at revision of the existing Master Plan for pursuing the planned growth with an optimized road network and spatial layout. A comprehensive plan is thus intended to guide the targeted development on a sustainable path and transform the city into an important node in the Kunming City network.

This plan focuses on the Jincheng core (the old city) revitalization and embraces the natural and green neighborhoods, for an enhanced urban setting interacting harmoniously with its surrounding. Tourism is seen to be boosted and brought up in the economic structure. In the local context, the main challenges would be to optimize resources, avoid spontaneous and spatial dispersion of urban activities as well as to achieve rural urban cohesive setting.


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