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Preliminary Concept Study for Realloaction of Agricultural Land Plots in Wolfenschiessen / Central Switzerland

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Department of Agriculture, State of Nidwalden / Switzerland


Ackermann und Wernli, Aarau


LEP Consultants AG

Time frame:

February - July 2011


In the upcoming years, there will be three major infrastructure projects in Wolfenschiessen with considerable impacts on future agricultural land farming:

  • The closing of railroad crossings of the railway line between Lucerne and Engelberg results in big loop ways for some farmers to reach their fields.
  • A planned water pond of an electricity company leads to a loss of several hectares of agricultural land.
  • Due to serious flood events in recent years, flood protection and river-bank eco-rehabilitation measures became necessary along the river “Engelberger Aa”, especially for the sections within the commune, leading to further loss of agricultural areas along the river.

The State of Nidwalden therefore plans to make a reallocation of agricultural land plots including the improvement of the agricultural road network in Wolfenschiessen and neighboring Dallenwil commune. The following goals are set:

  • Minimize the negative impacts for the farmers caused by the infrastructure projects.
  • Provide higher efficiency for agricultural land farming in future.

LEP supports Ackermann+Wernli (main-contractor) and the Department for Agricultural Affairs of the State of Nidwalden (client) in the following working steps:

  • Technical preliminary planning of the reallocation of agricultural land:
    Set-up of a data basis, define methodological approach, preliminary cost estimation, evaluation of funding opportunities.
  • Dissemination:
    Elaborate a participatory communication concept, organization of workshops and information events.
  • Coordination with the principals of the infrastructure projects:
    Regular alignment of project states; identification of synergy potentials and conflict points.
  • Consulting for legal framework:
    Assessment of current legal basis in close cooperation with Legal Services Department of Nidwalden State.

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