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Promotion of Swiss International School (SiS) in China, 2016

Swiss International School


A joint venture of biggest educational group Kalaidos in Switzerland and the leading international educational group Klett in Germany, operating schools in Switzerland since 1999, in Germany since 2008 and in Brazil since 2011 carries a high reputation in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil. Preparing the students both for Matura for Swiss Universities as well as IB entrance exams required by most Universities worldwide, the school is distinguished from other international schools in many respects.

Given the available demand, the company is eager to expand its presence worldwide. Convinced by the high potential of the school and being distinguished from other international schools on many grounds, LEP based upon its long standing cooperation, its vast network and presence in China is assisting the school in establishing its presence in China.



Support expansion mission of SiS in China.


Swiss International School (SiS), Switzerland

Project Area:



  • Identify the potential cities and clients
  • Dialog with relevant Govt. departments
  • Facilitate cooperations between the two sides


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