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Reallocation of Agricultural Leasehold at the Airport of Buochs, Switzerland



Genossenkorporation Buochs


Ackermann+Wernli, Aarau, supported by LEP Consultants AG

Scope of LEP Consultants AG:

Situation analysis, public participation process, land suitability evaluation, land allocation (draft)

Time frame:

2010 - 2011


The agricultural fields at the airport of Buochs (Switzerland) are split into many small parts. During the last decades there were many shifts and further divisions of those land lots. Nowadays, 45 farmers cultivate 144 agricultural plots. The single tracts have a size of only between 500 and 35’000 m2. In addition, stronger regulations for the security of the air traffic have led to restrictions for the land cultivation. Both the splitting of agricultural fields and the stronger security regulations have caused negative impacts on the agricultural work of the farmers.

Therefore, the local corporation (Genossenkorporation Buochs), which is owner of all the agricultural areas at the airport, has assigned Ackermann+Wernli, Aarau, supported by LEP Consultants AG, to work out a re-allocation of the agricultural leasehold. It includes an optimized allocation of the farm land as well as an improved access to the fields. The project was started in autumn 2010 and will be finished by end of 2011, including construction work, so that the farmers can cultivate their new plots from 2012.

The project is characterized by a comprehensive cooperation and coordination approach. The requirements and wishes from the farmers are considered and integrated into to the reallocation process. Furthermore, the project also uses the available synergy effects from ongoing projects at the airport of Buochs (construction of a new access road, removal and re-cultivation of the secondary runway).


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