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Shaxi Rehabilitation Project Phase IV - Revision of Master Plan and Elaboration of Detailed Plan



Jianchuan County Government, China


LEP Consultants AG, in cooperation with Kunming Urban Planning and Design Institute KUPDI

Time frame:

September 2011 - May 2012


Shaxi’s local economy, especially tourism and food processing sector, has been steadily growing whereby the service infrastructure is challenged to meet higher requirements. The improvement of the transportation infrastructure in the wider region, as already planned by the government there, will have a considerable impact on Shaxi. Therefore, the current Master Plan of Sib Denx Town (the centre of the Shaxi Valley) needs to be assessed and revised. In addition, detailed plans for new development zones inside and around Sib Denx (including zoning regulations) must be elaborated in order to meet the present and future needs as well as to offer a solid decision basis for coming investment plans.


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