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Fubao Village Spatial Development Concept

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Project Period:

September 2019 - ongoing


LEP was mandated by Fubao Village to carry out a preliminary formulation and assessment of spatial development alternatives for Fubao Village. Being located in an ecologically highly sensitive area, Fubao’s future economic basis should rely much stronger on green economy, which contributes in many senses to Kunming’s overall goal of low-carbon city, formulated in the new urbanization plan 2050.


  • Fubao Cultural City Co. Ltd., Guandu District, Yunnan, China
  • China Fubao Village Committee

Project area:

apprx. 2,5 km2

Tasks / Responsibilities:

  • Analysis of current status by means of PESTEL methodology
  • Compilation of sustainable village development best practices from Switzerland and Europe
  • Formulation and assessment of village development scenarios
  • Draft Vision for Fubao Village 2025
  • Preliminary development strategy/concept
  • Key implementation measures
  • Outlook – Next Steps


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