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PESTLE Analysis

PESTLE analysis model that applies to the market analysis for investment purposes, is adopted to perform macro-environmental scanning of the regional market that enables identification of external strategic factors having an impact on investment decision and strategy thereof.

An analysis that targets the market research of opportunities for intended development and investment, which is used as an important guide to discuss the risk-return trade-off. It includes the analysis of institutional environment for international real estate investing. Therein the driving forces Politics, Economy, Social issues, Technology, Lex and Ecology get examined.

The analysis addresses the following main questions/concerns:

  • What is the political situation of the country/region and how can it affect the intended development?
  • What are the prevalent economic factors that would support or oppose the development?
  • What is the importance of culture in the given market and what determines it? How much will be the intended real estate development be affected by cultural context?
  • What technological innovations are prevalent in the market? Are we bringing some new technology?
  • Which legislations regulate the development or can there be any change in these legislations in future?
  • What are the environmental concerns for the industry? Are we bringing any added value?