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PPP Models

Public private partnerships are of high significance in the derelict areas that present comprehensive urban problems and depressed market. We offer planning solutions that are governed by following main objectives:

  1. Adopt market-led planning approach that corrects inefficiencies while supporting market processes. Planning work does not work against market forces but facilitates the development. In this direction, we aim to stimulate new public-private sector alliances and adopt landuse demarcations such that encourage efficient operation of the marketplace and do not constrain the locational choices, investment decisions and operational plans of firms while still maintaining the holistic urban planning vision and achieving a sustainable development at the end.
  2. Develop infrastructure plans that leverage private sector and encourage them to play the role as desired.
  3. Develop “creative partnership” between the city government and the private sector with an ultimate goal of striking a right balance between the public and the private sector such that the two complement each other for a win-win situation.