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Rome - Together with partners, the Italian energy company Eni has inaugurated its technology research hub Rome Advanced District. The first tool the so-called ROAD project will develop is a digital twin-enabled metaverse. It will design solutions to support urban communities.

ROAD - Rome Advanced District is a network of companies formed by Eni, Acea, Autostrade per l'Italia, Bridgestone, Cisco, Gruppo FS and NextChem (MAIRE). The aim of the project, which is based in the former industrial Ostiense district of the Italian capital city Rome, is to develop new energy supply chains, according to a statement from Eni. 

The first shared working tool developed by ROAD will be a metaverse environment “through which we will experiment combining existing projects with visions of the future to design the best solutions to support urban communities”, writes Eni. Starting with the monitoring and improvement of road paving, the project will be tackled by all of ROAD's co-founders according to their area of expertise. 

Eni explains that the network’s future impact areas will include technologies for decarbonization, circular water and waste management, sustainable mobility, smart cities, and health and safety. In addition to research collaborations, ROAD will establish training programs for companies, test integrated mobility solutions, and set up a joint observatory on labour market transformation concerning the new supply chains.

“The same area that supplied energy to industrial Rome in the early twentieth century, will now host technological innovation projects that will support companies to reach the goals of Agenda 2030,” concludes Eni. ce/em