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Tampere - The city of Tampere in southern Finland showcased its metaverse development during the Tampere Smart City Expo in June. Tampere’s metaverse combines digital and physical solutions to enhance urban living. Tampere also acts as a testing platform for business and industry.

The Finnish city of Tampere showcased itself as a “pioneering metaverse city and a leader in smart city innovation” at the recent Tampere Smart City Expo in Finland, announced a statement. The so-called metaverse aims to ease the lives of inhabitants and provide a favourable platform for local businesses to thrive by combining physical and digital solutions. These include a carbon footprint calculator that citizens can download, a Six City Strategy that enables smooth employment paths, and circular economy pilot projects, according to the Smart Tampere website. 

Tampere's metaverse development encompasses partnerships with global technology companies such as Microsoft and Nokia. In this way, Tampere has been able to “harness the potential of the metaverse to revolutionize urban planning”, writes the statement. The development focuses on human-centricity, or prioritizing the wellbeing of citizens.  

Tampere is also inviting cities to test their smart city solutions. It aims to act as a testing platform and an open partner for businesses and research, according to the statement. “Through intelligent solutions, our goal is to enhance the well-being of citizens, provide a positive urban experience, and create favorable conditions for people's everyday lives,” commented Teppo Rantanen, Executive Director of Growth, Innovation and Competitiveness for the City of Tampere, in the statement. ce/em