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Nanchang Airport Economic Zone Project, January 2016

Nanchang airport 2016


Nanchang Airport Economic Zone located in the North suburbs of Nanchang, the capital of Jianxi province. It is an initiative towards building national comprehensive transportation hub in the middle of China and the significant international communication portal in the middle of Yangtze river. The new airport economic zone is seen as a small city in itself, planned with adequate urban activities and facilities. It is comprised of importation aviation supported industry and free trade activities. A prominent urban center with a new lake is planned next to airport.


Technical consultancy for environmental and infrastructure planning and design consultancy for key areas in the demarcated airport economic zone. The project is undertaken together with Swiss Water Ltd.


Airport Economic Zone, Honggutan New District Administration, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China

Project Area:

apprx. 50 km2


  • Contribute to the improvement of transportation system
  • Coordination of general master plan with key real estate development projects
  • Improvement of water management system
  • Planning and design of the lake shore area


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