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Planning and Design Elements along Jiulong Lake Shore Area, Nanchang

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Project Period:

2018 - 2019


  • Building upon the cooperation of previous phase 2017-2018, further support was extended by LEP on planning and design work of elements in the sea shore area of Jiulong lake incl. special features as landmark tower and open air 3d show.
  • The project is undertaken together with Swiss Water Ltd.
  • Executed under framework agreement on Sino-swiss Cooperation for Task Force in Honggutan New District – Nanchang, Phase 2-2 between Honggutan New District Administration, Nanchang, China, LEP Consultants AG and Swisswater Ltd. Liab. Co., signed 2017-03-30.


Honggutan New District Administration, Nanchang-Jianxi, P.R. China

Project Area:

apprx. 4 km2

Tasks / Responsibilities:

  • Conceptual design of childrens’ park incl. children themed landmark tower, conceptual design of childrens’ city, overall conceptual plan of the park
  • Conceptual level proposal on open air 3d show along Jiulong lake


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